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Paying attention to your dog’s teeth can help you avoid future vet bills and give your pup a healthier life. Find out the best tips for a healthier dog smile.

Dogs have 42 smile generators. Keeping those 42 teeth strong, healthy, and happy is essential to preventing illness, pain, and may extend longevity. Due to, this is an incredibly important topic that directly affects every dog’s quality of life.  So today we will talk about my best tips for a healthier dog smile.

  1. Fresh apple after meals. – Yes, definitely yes! An apple (SLICE) a day will sweeter dog’s breath. Teach your pup to chew one or two slices of fresh apple after meals. As a result, your dog will have whiter and healthier teeth.
  2. Raw veggies – Provide healthy Raw vegetables like carrots, broccoli or celery stalks. You will be amazed with the result. Your dog will adore them and you will keep gum and teeth strong.
  3. Doggy dental rinses – Look for products that act as a mouthwash to reduce plaque and tartar. Most of them are easily added to your dog’s drinking water… so no need to rinse and spit.
  4. Bones – Let your dog have his bone. Bones will improve teeth and gum health. You can buy him these bones in your nearest pet store. Also, you can make them at your home and surprise your puppy.
  5. Toothbrushes – Brushing your dog’s teeth daily is the proven way to prevent tooth decay. You need to use a toothbrush and paste designed for dogs. If you struggle to clean your dog’s teeth; ask for alternatives to tooth brushing.

There are many, many reasons to keep your dog’s smile healthy. Good health begins in the mouth. 


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