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We are all aware of our pet’s death. In the meantime, death isn’t a part that we like to think about very much. But we have to if we want to help our dogs and provide them with the best we can. So, I am going to share the most important warning signs that a dog is dying.

First of all, I will start with his coordination and extreme fatigue
  • Loss of coordination – If your dog is having a problem moving from one place to another, it is definitely worth discussing. When the end nears, most animals start to have problems with their own coordination. For example, your dog will stumble and fall and even that, he won’t be able to stand at all. The lack of coordination is the reason because they are physically weak or the disease has affected and impaired the brain functions.
  • Extreme fatigue – Even though fatigue is a general symptom, which might be due to numerous medical conditions or just too much exercise, there is such a difference between tired and sick dog. Keep that in mind.
Then there are problems with his appetite, lack of interest and furthermore vomiting or incontinence…
  • No appetite and refusing to drink water – Due to his organs like kidneys and liver are not functioning properly, he won’t feel hunger or thirst anymore.
  • Lack of interest and hiding – Although for this I have to say that it depends upon the dog because some dogs will want just to be closer to you they will desire to be alone. So let’s just say that your dog will present as being an unusual need or behaviour. A good example of this is when you (let’s say) very very active dog starts to lose interest in his toys, walks or doing some of his favourite activities.
  • Vomiting or incontinence
Deep honest advice…

As pet parents, you need to be aware of these signs.  For them, dying is as natural as living. It is something that “just happens”. We should make them as comfortable as we can by providing a warm and comfortable place to rest (it is best to ensure that your pet is on a blanket that can be used to move them), our companionship (or solitude if that is what they desire,) and our reassurance that it is okay to move on.

Be kind to yourself and know that you provided your pet with a lifetime of love and happiness.

Also, I am going to share with you one picture which helped me so much to recognize some of these sings.


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