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When we talk about dogs begging comes naturally to discuss it. 🙂 And they’re like real professionals at it.  Begging is a natural behaviour to dogs, so it takes a lot of consistency to undo that behaviour if you’ve been reinforcing it. Here I will try to show you the reasons why dogs usually beg and how to stop your dog from begging.

I admit that is sometimes very hard to resist those doggie eyes, but you have to. Keep in mind if you want to stop your dog from begging you NEED to learn to stop giving in.


You need to understand the WHY so you will do the WHAT. Have you ever asked yourself why do dogs beg? To put it simply dogs beg because they want something. Attention, long walks or food. Begging is the natural behaviour of dogs. So, I assume that because you’re reading this, you already have the problem of a begging dog. And in the meantime, you are dealing with a dog with bad manners. But do not worry. You and your dog can break this bad habit together.

 Ignore Your Dog’s Begging

The best and most long-lasting. But I can say that this is the hardest way and it does require patience and commitment from both you and your doggo to stop the begging.

Ignore your dog and he will eventually stop begging because it no longer works. It sounds simple enough, but being consistent can be tough. Don’t look at your dog while he begs. Don’t speak to him.  Just ignore – no laughing. Don’t shoo him away. Also, all family members must not look at, talk to or touch him when he begs.


You should always repeat this habit when you and your family are eating or working something that can not be interrupted by your dog.

Here are some steps:

  • Avoid paying attention to or looking at your dog when you are eating. Paying attention to your dog will encourage the begging. You are setting him up to expect something.
  • Tell every member of your family to quit giving your dog food from the table, food from the couch, food from the chair, food from the desk etc. He should only be eating food from his bowl.
  • When you are eating, place your dog in a sit/stay or down/stay and have him remain there until your meal is finished.

Also, you can try

  • The mechanical approach to begging – give your dog his favourite toy or some homemade treats and he will focus on this instead of begging at the table.
  • The training approach – Train your dog to down and stay away from the table where you are eating. Or you can train him to go to his place away from the table.   This teaches him a stationary command so he doesn’t come over to the table to beg in the first place.

Does your dog beg for attention? What method worked for you when it came to stopping the behaviour? Let me know in the comments below.


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