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All pets in the world are special and unique in their ways; however, dogs were and will always be known as a man’s best friend. Despite their brilliant intelligence and their sense of humor, it’s nearly impossible to not love these furry babies. Let’s see some things you never knew about dogs. All of them sums up to what creates them so wonderful, so let’s start.

Did you read that dog’s mere presence can lower your stress levels and help you live longer? Or that many of the dogs have a vocabulary of nearly 1,000 words? These are just a few of the things you never knew about dogs. Keep reading and you will love your dog much much more.

#Dogs are still primal animals

Even though dogs have been domesticated for approximately 33,000 years, their primal instincts remain active to this day. For example, have you ever noticed your dog have instincts such as howling at the moon, pack dependency or even territory marking?

 #They have a complex range of emotions

Many of you have sometimes noticed that your, dog one day seems happy, the other day he starts to show frustration or even excitement. Well, that’s about it. Dogs do have a wide range of emotions.
Also, they can react to our emotions. It is very probable that when you are nervous or angry, your dog can recognize that by your body posture or your tone of voice. And he will perhaps, immediately start to act badly. Dogs are so connected to us that they often react to our emotions.
Or, even when you are sad, your dog will probably start to cuddle with you or do anything to make you smile. Dogs are the only animals in the animal kingdom that can read the emotions on your face, much like humans. In other words, dogs can tell at a glance if we are happy, angry, or sad just by looking at our faces.


#Dogs can lower your blood pressure

Petting a dog is just about the most soothing thing ever. But did you know doing so can lower your blood pressure? Yes! They are so good for blood pressure and stress relief. By the way, you are also good for dogs health.

#They Can Help You Live Longer

f you are still thinking of adopting a dog, here is an answer. Owning a dog can help you live longer. This is so true, especially so if you are single. You will not regret it.

#Just like humans and dogs have best friends

Turns out dogs love humans, but they also love other animals. But sometimes they do choose a best friend. Dogs are much more like us than we have ever previously realized.”

#They can help you cure shyness

Yeah, there is a fact that speaking to a dog can help shy people find their voice. And being with one can help boost your confidence, which is why it’s so much more comforting to walk down a street with your dog by your side.

#Dogs are Individuals

It is a mistake to think of dogs as pack animals, because but they aren’t. Instead, you should treat your dog as a unique individual with special characters and special needs. Just like you treat your best friend.

#Dogs Have A Pretty Big Vocabulary

Your dog wants to learn everything from you. So, your words mean very interesting to them. Just keep talking to your dog and you will see. Some dogs have been proven to comprehend over 1,000 words.

#They can understand multiple languages

If you speak multiple languages, your dog will have no problem keeping up.

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