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Ear problems are very typical in dogs. Next to fleas and ticks, these little bugs are a dog´s biggest headache. Ear mites are tiny insects that live inside the ear canal and in the meantime suck your dog´s blood. Furthermore, your dog is incapable of telling you his anxieties and tensions by ear mites. So, let’s see natural remedies for ear mites in dogs.

Ear mites are very typical in dogs. So, Let's see natural remedies for ear mites in dogs.

We are aware that being a dog parent isn’t an easy job. Due to that, you have to help your dog to eliminate this problem and do not forget to keep your patience. If you can diagnose the disease properly, you can cure it at home and can save you time and money. In this article, you may find some quick, easy and helpful natural remedies for ear mites in dogs.

Common symptoms of dog’s ear mites cover brown or yellow discharge, extreme scratching ears, redness of outer ear canal and shaking of the head to and fro.

Your dog can pick up ear mites just playing with others at the dog playground. Usually, ear mites are not even noticed a lot of time until quite far along. Most vets will prescribe medicines to kill the mites, and a steroid to keep your dog from itching, but the easiest and most effective treatments can be started at home.

Simple Ear Mite Treatments at Home

In severe infections, dogs rarely allow the vet to even touch their ear so the vet may have to sedate your doggie to check its ears completely. There are various treatments to cure ear mites in dogs; your vet will direct you the best protocol to treat the disease.

Note: Full cleaning of infected ears does relieve the discomfort and calms the redness in many cases. Then a one-time topical treatment usually cures the illness. Be sure that your dog will not lick the cream or balm applied onto his skin. Try to engage your dog with his/her favourite game so that the cream or lotion can work completely.


Homemade Medications

  • Clean Tea Rinse – Green tea is considered the best natural antiseptic. It can be used to clean out all the ear mite rubble—that soft brown/black stuff that closes the dog’s ear canal. Steep a tablespoon of green tea leaves in a cup of heated water for four or five minutes and then filter it. Let it cool to room temperature before applying once a day for a month

  • Oil Treatment – You can stop and prevent ear mites infection by applying any type of oil onto your dog’s ears. Oil helps relieve sore ears and also can float rubble out. Furthermore, the oil will soothe the redness and active scratching. It doesn’t matter what variety of oil you use, although some advise almond or olive oil. I have also heard about corn oil. Or, for the best results, you can make a DIY anti-inflammatory oil for your dog as well. Take some garlic cloves in a cup of the oil ( by your choice) and let it marinate overnight. Remember to remove the garlic before applying the oil to treat your dog’s ears. Gently massage onto your dog’s infected and swollen area and see the wonder. It will not only kill the bacteria, but it will also stop the development of ear mites too.

For natural remedies, however, you need to treat daily for a month.
So make sure that you are taking all the steps and precautionary measures to keep your pet healthy.

Also, I have to say that a clean environment is a very big thing you should watch for. You can avoid the expensive fees of vets only by keeping your pet environment nice and clean. Try to keep your pet environment clean and healthy to make other dogs healthy.

Clean Environment for ear mites in dogs.

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